AOTG: How can I hide a report format from certain Users in AOTG

Question : How can I hide a report format from certain users in AOTG?

Answer :

AOTG did not follow AutoCount Accounting “set deny user list” in Design Document Style Report. You first add the access rights for report template access, then set the deny group and user.

1) Click on the email address at the top right of the dashboard and click on Administration.

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2) Click on Access Group.

Hide report aotg2.png

3) Click on pen icon AOTG dash info4.png to edit.

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4) Go to GENERAL Tab and check the checkbox of ‘Set report template access permissions’, then click on Save.

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5) Now you have the access rights to set deny user list to select the report.

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6) Re-Login AOTG, and go to Sales > Sale Invoices > More > Report Attributes.

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7) In the DETAIL tab, select the report name, and choose the Deny Groups or Users and click on Save.

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8) When I go to export & print, now I (CK) can’t view the report named --- 31MAR15 Tax Invoice anymore.

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By : CK 190107, Lay Swan 190111, P190114

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