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AOTG: How to set AOTG Dashboard

Question: How to set AOTG dashboard? I wish to disable some info on the dashboard for my staff as those are confidential info.

AOTG dash info1.png


Yes. You may set the access rights to hide some info for certain access group.

1. Click on the email address at the top right of the dashboard and click on Administration.

AOTG dash info2.png

2. Click on Access Group.

AOTG dash info3.png

3. Click on pen icon AOTG dash info4.png to edit.

AOTG dash info5.png

4. Click on DASHBOARD.

AOTG dash info6.png

5. Uncheck the info you wish to hide from your staff and click on Save.

AOTG dash info7.png

6. Re-login into AOTG.

AOTG dash info8.png

Info will be hidden from dashboard.

AOTG dash info9.png

By: CK 180202, KM 180329, P180403

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