AR: Debtor Statement - Send batch mail

Question: How to send batch mail of Debtor Statement to multiple debtors simultaneously?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


AutoCount do have batch mail function for Debtor Statement Report. You may look for Batch Mail button in Debtor Statement Report.

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There are 3 things you must maintain before you can use the Batch Mail function:

1.Debtor email address.

Maintain your debtor’s email address in A/R > Debtor Maintenance.

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2.Company email address.

Maintain your company email address in General Maintenance > Company Profile.

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3. SMTP Server.

Maintain your SMTP server in Batch Mail screen > Setting.

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Sample for Gmail Default SMTP Settings as below:

Outgoing mail SMTP Server:
Port: 587
Enable SSL:Check the checkbox
Use name & password to authenticate: Check the checkbox
User Name:Your Gmail address. (e.g.
Password:Your Gmail password

Note: If you have your own SMTP Server, you need to configure it with your SMTP Server information.

To use Gmail Account in AutoCount, you have to to turn on the setting “Allow less secure apps” in your google account.

Google mail1.png

Turn on this setting in order to allow less secure apps to access your google account.

Google mail2.png

There is a message box for you to key in your message, clicks on send button after keyed in your message.

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Note: You can use {Column Name} to define the info you want to appear inside the email message.Below is some frequently used info:

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By: Azirah 170818, CY 170821, KM 170821, P170823

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