AR: How to assign project no/ department to bank charge in Official Receipt or Payment Voucher

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Question: How can I assign project number to bank charge in Official Receipt or Payment Voucher?


To assign project number to bank charges in OR or PV, you need to drag out the column of 'Bank Charge Proj.No.' from Column Chooser (right click on any detail header, select column chooser and drag out Bank Charge Proj. NO.)

For example, in AR Receive Payment

Bank charge pro1.png

System will display the Customization box after you have clicked on column chooser.

Bank charge pro2.png

Drag out Bank Charge Proj. No and drop onto detail column header.

Bank charge pro3.png

You may select project no for A/R Receive payment now.

Bank charge pro4.png

Note: Same method applies in AP Payment, Receipt Voucher and Payment Voucher.

By: Lim Hui Yan 171207, KM 171212, P171229

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