AR: How to refund Deposit in Multiple Date

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Question: How to refund Deposit in Multiple Date?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9

Multiple refund deposit1.png


1) Due to multiple refund date of refund deposit is not allowed in AutoCount 1.8/1.9, user will have to convert the deposit into AR Payment and create AR Refund to knock off the AR Payment.

i) Image below is the deposit received:

Multiple refund deposit2.png

ii) Navigate to A/R > AR Receive Payment, convert the deposit into AR Payment as image below:

Multiple refund deposit3.png

2) After transferred the deposit payment, now you can refund the deposit by multiple times and multiple date with following method:

Navigate to A/R > A/R Refund Entry and follow the following steps:

Multiple refund deposit4.png

By: Kok Chun 180314, KM 180423, P180427

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