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Question : In AutoCount Accounting 2.0, I have save the template for receipt voucher (111) and payment voucher (222), but when I open the Manage Template, it shows only templates of receipt voucher. How to open the Payment voucher’s templates?

PV Templates.png

Answer (1):

You need to right click on the Manage Template, then system will open the Payment Voucher’s templates.

PV Templates1.png

PV Templates2.png

By : Soh Wee 181221, Lay Swan 190517, P190523

Answer (2):

Update to version or later.

Now it is enhanced and separated into 2 different menus so that it is obvious and easier for user to locate. The 2 menus are Others > Manage Receipt Voucher Template or Manage Payment Voucher Template.

PV Templates3.png

By: Lay Swan 220126, P220127

Go to menu

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