Accounting 2.0 - Sales: Same item merged into one detail line when transfer multiple D/O to one Invoice

Question : After upgraded database from 1.9 to version 2.0, when I perform multiple D/O transfer to one Invoice, the same item code will merge into 1 detail line. This is not the same as version 1.9 where they will be in separate lines. Why?

Version : 2.0

Merge detail item1.png

Merge detail item2.png

Merge detail item3.png

Merge detail item4.png

Possible Reason :

In version 2.0, the system will enable a new feature called Merge detail item in transfer document. The system will merge the same item into one line (row) when the item code, UOM, Unit Price, project/dept, location, batch number are the same.

Merge detail item5.png

Solution :

If you wish the items to be transferred into separate lines for this time, please un-transfer (uncheck) the both D/O and click on OK then perform again the Transfer, but make sure to uncheck the checkbox of ‘Merge Detail Item’ before clicking on OK.

Merge detail item6.png

And the result, they will be in separate lines.

Merge detail item7.png

By : Tan 200416, Lay Swan 200427, P200428

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