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  1. What is Self Care Payment Method -(JS/LS/P)
  2. How to delete a Company file in AutoCount Cloud Payroll ? -(Azi/P)
  3. I have received email from AutoCount Payroll regarding invoice, but how can I check the invoice detail? -(Azi/P)
  4. Why is my company appeared in Subscription listing, but not in Company listing? -(Azi/P)
  5. How to change subscription package? -(CO/Azi/P)


  1. How can I remove the created user from User Maintenance -(Ais/Azi/P)
  2. How to add additional Public Holiday that is not provided by system in the calendar setting. -(Ais/Azi/P)
  3. How to set all employees contribute to HRDF? -(Ais/Azi/P)


  1. Can I set reminder/ to do list in my calendar? -(CO/Azi/P)
  2. Preview other employees on leave at My Calendar -(CO/Azi/P)
  3. How to send announcement to employee? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  4. How to share a document to employees? -(Ais/Azi/P)


  1. Where to print EA form and where to export the CP8D text file -(CO/Azi/P)
  2. How to change the Name of Officer in EA form -(Ais/Azi/P)
  3. How to design report to sort by employee name -(Ais/Azi/P)
  4. How can I copy my Payroll report from one company to another company -(Azi/P)
  5. Can AutoCount Cloud Payroll print Borang E? -(Azi/P)
  6. Where can I customize or design my Payroll Reports / Payslip? -(Azi/P)
  7. Can I insert watermark onto payslip -(Azi/P)
  8. How to show main department in payroll summary report? -(CO/Azi/P)
  9. How to hide employee name in payroll summary report? -(CO/Azi/P)
  10. How to preview comparison Payroll Report for this month vs last month? -(Azi/P)
  11. How to generate EA form for resigned employees? -(Azi/P)
  12. Where to download LHDN Audit Files? -(CO/Azi/P)
  13. How to design subreport in payslip -(Ais/Azi/P)


  1. Where to key in past employment entry -(Ais/Az/P)
  2. Where to upload employee photo - (Ais/Az/P)
  3. How to edit EPF, SOCSO, EIS & Tax Amount -(Azi/P)
  4. Can the company pay salary to multiple bank accounts of an employee? -(Azi/P)
  5. What is the function of reset button? -(CO/Azi/P)
  6. What is the function of Save & Recalculate All? -(CO/Azi/P)
  7. How to change the e-Claim type without change the Default settings? -(Azi/P)
  8. How to create payroll process? -(CO/Azi/P)

Human Resource

  1. How to maintain Carry Forward Leave using Excel template -(Azi/P)
  2. How to maintain Carry Forward Leave without using Excel template -(CO/Azi/P)
  3. How to check leave approval STATUS by subscriber? -(CO/Azi/P)
  4. How to check claim approval STATUS by subscriber? -(CO/Azi/P)
  5. How can employee user cancel leave application? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  6. How to deduct leave using leave entry (New UI)? -(CO/Azi/P)
  7. How to add leave credit (New UI)? -(CO/Azi/P)
  8. What is the meaning of Append Employee's Entitled Leave in Leave Entry page? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  9. What is the meaning of icon next to Select Employee at Leave Entry? -(CO/Azi/P)


  1. How to set Default Payslip format -(Azi/P)
  2. Where to maintain company logo? -(Ais/Azi/P)
  3. How to delete unwanted user report format in Cloud Payroll -(Ais/Azi/P)
  4. Leave Calculation Method -(P)
  5. How to create new EPF rate? -(CO/Azi/P)
  6. How to change EPF rate for employee? -(CO/Azi/P)
  7. Approval by Hierarchy: How can I set specific employee have more than one approver? -(CO/Azi/P)
  8. How to set half day rest day on Saturday? -(CO/Azi/P)
  9. How to set rest day on alternate Saturdays? -(CO/Azi/P)
  10. How to set Approval by Hierarchy? -(CO/Azi/P)
  11. How to set Approval by Department? -(CO/Azi/P)
  12. Differences between Flat Approval and Sequential Approval -(CO/Azi/P)
  13. Differences between Approval by Department and Approval by Hierarchy -(CO/Azi/P)
  14. How to apply leave using ESS? -(CO/Azi/P)
  15. How to apply leave using mobile apps - AC Payroll? -(CO/Azi/P)
  16. How to auto calculate daily rate worker’s salary with USING time attendance excel import? -(CO/Azi/P)
  17. How to auto calculate daily rate worker’s salary WITHOUT USING time attendance excel import? -(CO/Azi/P)
  18. What is the purpose of Gender in Leave Type Maintenance? -(CO/Azi/P)
  19. What is the meaning of Limited in Claim Type Maintenance? -(CO/Azi/P)
  20. How to set default Payroll Type for eClaim? -(Ais/Azi/P)


  1. How to reset Cloud Payroll password -(Azi/P)

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