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  1. Fast Selection Menu sync issue -(JS)
  2. Pos - Clear All transaction -(Azi/CY//KM/P)
  3. Pos branches to view stock balance of another branch or terminal -(JS/KM/P)
  4. How to print Full Tax Invoice in AutoCount POS -(KC/KM/P)
  5. How to redeem bonus point from POS system -(Mic/KM/P)
  6. What is New AR Payment in POS System -(Azi/KM/P)
  7. How to load company logo in Pos system -(CY/KM/P)
  8. How to set different OR numbering format for POS Posting of each outlet -(LS/KM/P)
  9. Check out for terminal vs checkout for cashier -(EL/KM/P)
  10. How to change sales type of POS -(JS/KM/P)
  11. How to check AutoCount Pos Version -(JS/KM/P)
  12. How to create new member at POS front end -(HY/KM/P)
  13. How to reset configuration for POS Price Checker -(Che/LS/P)
  14. How to add cash computation -(JS/LS/P)
  15. Can I install different SQL versions for HQ and Outlet -(JS/LS/P)
  16. How to set for "promoter selection” to be auto-prompted after scanning an item -(Jes/LS/P)
  17. Does AutoCount POS 3.0/3.1 support E-wallet features -(JS/LS/P)
  18. How to Enable Scale Barcode in POS System -(CK/LS/P)

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