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==AutoCounting POS 5.0==
{{hidden begin|border=1px #aaa solid|title=AutoCount POS 5.0 Help File|ta1=center|expanded=on}}
{{Tree list}}
**[[Arthur, Prince of Wales]] (1486 - 1502)
**[[Margaret Tudor|Margaret, Queen of Scots]] (1489 - 1541)
***[[James, Duke of Rothesay]] (1507 - 1508)
***[[Arthur, Duke of Rothesay]] (1509 - 1510)
***[[Image:Simple silver crown.svg|15px]] [[James V of Scotland]] (1512 - 1542)
****{{Tree list/final branch}}[[Image:Simple silver crown.svg|15px]] [[Mary, Queen of Scots]] (1542 - 1587)
*****{{Tree list/final branch}}[[Image:Simple silver crown.svg|15px]] [[Image:Simple gold crown.svg|15px]] '''(7)''' [[James VI and I|James VI of Scotland and I of England]] (1566 - 1625)
******{{Tree list/final branch}}''From whom succeeeding English, Scottish and British monarchs are descended.''
***[[Alexander Stewart, Duke of Ross]] (1514 - 1515)
***{{Tree list/final branch}}[[Margaret Douglas|Margaret Douglas, Countess of Lennox]] (1515 - 1578)
**[[Image:Simple gold crown.svg|15px]] '''(2)''' [[Henry VIII of England]] (1491 - 1547)
***[[Henry, Duke of Cornwall]] (1511 - 1511)
***[[Image:Simple gold crown.svg|15px]] '''(5)''' [[Mary I of England]] (1516 - 1558)
***[[Image:Simple gold crown.svg|15px]] '''(6)''' [[Elizabeth I of England]] (1533 - 1603)
***{{Tree list/final branch}}[[Image:Simple gold crown.svg|15px]] '''(3)''' [[Edward VI of England]]
**[[Elizabeth Tudor (daughter of Henry VII)|Elizabeth Tudor]] (1492 - 1495)
**[[Mary Tudor (queen consort of France)|Mary, Queen of France]] (1496 - 1533)
***Henry Brandon (1516 - 1522)
***[[Frances Grey, Duchess of Suffolk]] (1517 - 1547)
****[[Image:Simple gold crown.svg|15px]] '''(4)''' [[Lady Jane Grey]] (1536 - 1553)
****[[Lady Catherine Grey|Catherine Seymour, Countess of Hertford]] (1540 - 1568)
****[[Lady Mary Grey|Lady Mary Keyes]] (1545 - 1578)
****{{Tree list/final branch}}Elizabeth Stokes (1555 - 1556)
***[[Eleanor Clifford, Countess of Cumberland]] (1519 - 1547)
****{{Tree list/final branch}}''From whom are descended the [[Earl of Derby|Earls of Derby]]''
***{{Tree list/final branch}}[[Henry Brandon, 1st Earl of Lincoln]] (1523 - 1534)
**[[Edmund Tudor, Duke of Somerset]] (1499 - 1500)
**{{Tree list/final branch}}[[Katherine Tudor (1503)|Katherine Tudor]] (1503 - 1503)
{{Tree list/end}}
{{hidden end}}
{{AutoCountPOSTreeList|bgheadercolor=#330099| POS 5.0 Help File |Image=[[File:ZzDevelopers.jpg|480px]]<br />
==Back End==
*[[Back End:POS Posting|POS Posting]]
*[[Back End:POS Setting|POS Setting]]
*[[Back End:POS Transaction Viewer|POS Transaction Viewer]]
*[[Back End:Purge POS Transaction|Purge POS Transaction]]
*#[[Maintenance:Auto Prompt Maintenance|Auto Prompt Maintenance]]
*#[[Maintenance:Credit Card Maintenance|Credit Card Maintenance]]
*#[[Maintenance:Debit Card Maintenance|Debit Card Maintenance]]
*#[[Maintenance:Fast Selection Menu Maintennacee|Fast Selection Menu Maintennace]]
*#[[Maintenance:Member Price Maintennace|Member Price Maintennace]]
*#[[Maintenance:Out of Stock Maintenance|Out of Stock Maintenance]]
*#[[Maintenance:Price Plan Maintenance|Price Plan Maintenance]]
*#[[Maintenance:Terminal Maintenance|Terminal Maintenance]]
*#[[Maintenance:User Group Maintenance|User Group Maintenance]]
*#[[Maintenance:User Maintenance|User Maintenance]]
*#[[Maintenance:Voucher Maintenance|Voucher Maintenance]]
**POS Option
**#[[POS Option:Appearance|Appearance]]
**#[[POS Option:Document Control|Document Control]]
**#[[POS Option:Document Control 2|Document Control 2]]
**#[[POS Option:Document Control 3|Document Control 3]]
**#[[POS Option:Receipt (Character based)|Receipt (Character based)]]
**#[[Promotion:Item Group Price|Item Group Price]]
**#[[Promotion:Item Package Price|Item Package Price]]
**#[[Promotion:Item Price|Item Price]]
**#[[Promotion:Item Type Price|Item Type Price]]
**#[[Promotion:Mix and Match|Mix and Match]]
**#[[Promotion:Promotion Mainteance|Promotion Mainteance]]
**#[[Promotion:Purchase with Purchase|Purchase with Purchase]]
*#[[Promoter:Promoter Commission Analysis Report|Promoter Commission Analysis Report]]
*#[[Promoter:Promoter Commission Maintenanance|Promoter Commission Maintenanance]]
*#[[Promoter:Promoter Maintenance|Promoter Maintenance]]
*#[[Promoter:Promoter Sales Analysis Report|Promoter Sales Analysis Report]]
==Front End==
*Getting Started
*#[[Getting Started:Getting Started|Getting Started]]
*More Function
**Bill Editing
**#[[Bill Editing:Change All Service Type|Change All Service Type]]
**#[[Bill Editing:Change Multi Pricing|Change Multi Pricing]]
**#[[Bill Editing:Change Service Charge|Change Service Charge]]
**#[[Bill Editing:Change Service Tax Code|Change Service Tax Code]]
**#[[Bill Editing:Clear Transaction|Clear Transaction]]
**#[[Bill Editing:Set Remark|Set Remark]]
**#[[Bill Editing:Total Discount|Total Discount]]
**Bill Operation
**#[[Bill Operation:Change Inclusive|Change Inclusive]]
**#[[Bill Operation:Find Bill|Find Bill]]
**#[[Bill Operation:Hold Bill|Hold Bill]]
**#[[Bill Operation:Recall Bill|Recall Bill]]
**#[[Bill Operation:Reprint Last Bill|Reprint Last Bill]]
**Counter Operation
**#[[Counter Operation:Cash In Out|Cash In Out]]
**#[[Counter Operation:Close Counter|Close Counter]]
**#[[Counter Operation:Open Cash Drawer|Open Cash Drawer]]
**#[[Counter Operation:Open Counter|Open Counter]]
**#[[Counter Operation:Staff Attendance|Staff Attendance]]
**#[[Counter Operation:User Screen Lock|User Screen Lock]]
**#[[Inquiry:AR Payment|AR Payment]]
**#[[Inquiry:Check Stock Level|Check Stock Level]]
**#[[Inquiry:Goods In Transit|Goods In Transit]]
**#[[Inquiry:View Price History|View Price History]]
**Line Editing
*#[[Sales:Transaction Main Screen|Transaction Main Screen]]

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