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==Change Account Number==
This menu allows you to change account number of an existing account, or to combine two existing account numbers (and their transactions).
'''<u>To change account number:</u>'''
Click on <span style=color:red> '+' </span>sign to select an existing account number,
Key in New account number,
Click on ''<span style=color:red>Change</span>''.
'''<u>To Merge account number:</u>'''
Check the checkbox of ''<span style=color:red>Perform Merge operation instead of Change operation</span>''.
Click on <span style=color:red>'+'</span> sign to select an existing account number (that you wish to remove),
Key into ''<span style=color:red>New Account No.</span>'' field an existing account number (that you wish to merge to)
Click on ''<span style=color:red>Change</span>''.
Click on ''<span style=color:red>Yes</span>''
Key in password, click on ''<span style=color:red>OK</span>''...

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