Cloud Payroll - How to edit EPF, SOCSO, EIS & Tax Amount

Question : How to edit EPF, SOCSO, EIS & Tax Amount

Example: User wishes to edit EPF, SOCSO, EIS & Tax amount for the months of February,2020.

Answer :

1. Go back to select payroll period (February, 2020).

Notes: Make sure your payroll process is not committed. If it was committed, un-commit it before editing


2. Then, click on Edit button.


3. Go to Detail Tab, then select the respective employee.


4. Then, you can directly edit the EPF / SOCSO / EIS amount.


5. After edit, click on Save & Recalculate button (click either 1 or 2), so that the system will recalculate the Total Deduction and Net Pay amount.


6. A message will be prompted to Confirm the action, click Yes


Now you should be able to see the updated amount in the column.

Note: This action will only modify the amount for February payslip. This action does not change the calculation setting of such employee, if the payroll process is Reset or when creating new payroll process, the default calculation method applies.

Prepared By : Azirah 190207/200311, P200313

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