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Cloud Payroll - Payroll Management : Department selection list not match with department in Department Maintenance

Question : Department maintenance shows 3 departments only but when I want to assign department for employee, there are more than 3 for me to choose. Why?

Dept selection1 1.png

Dept selection2 1.png

Possible Reason :

You have maintained sub-departments.

Solution :


To check it out, go to General Maintenance > Department.

Click on the Expand button (the + sign beside the Code) to expand it.

Dept selection3 1.png

You can view all the sub-departments maintained under the main department.

Dept selection4 1.png

By : Aisyah 190222, Lay Swan 190321, P190322

Updated by Aisyah 200518, Azirah 200519, P200519

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