Cloud Payroll - Payroll Management : Overtime Rate show zero

Question : I have already assigned OT table for my employee but why in payroll processor the Overtime Rate still shows 0.0000?


Possible Reason :

You are using Basic Package. Basic package does not support formula function.

To check your system package, go to main screen. Click on AutoCount Cloud Payroll icon at the top left corner of the screen).

Click on subscription info button to see the subscribed package.



Solution :

In order to calculate overtime pay correctly, 1) Manually calculate Overtime rates and key into respective rows of Rate column.

Click on the Edit button, maintain rate then click on Save.



2) Consider upgrade to Premium edition (will incur some cost). The Overtime rate will then be calculated based on Formula.

By : Aisyah 190128, Lay Swan 190322, P190408 Updated by Aisyah 200824, Azirah 200824, P200825

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