Cloud Payroll - Reports : How to hide employee name in payroll summary report?

Question : How to hide employee name in payroll summary report (Figure Q.1)?

Hide employee 1.png

Figure Q.1

Answer :

1. Go to Reports > Management Report > Payroll Summary > Design (as in Figure A.1 ).

Hide employee 2.png

Figure A.1

2) Select Detail 1 > Behavior > Untick the Visible (as in Figure A.2 ).

Hide employee 3.png

Figure A.2

3) Save as New Report, e.g. Payroll Summary - Department Only (as in Figure A.3 ).

Hide employee 4.png

Figure A.3

4) Now your payroll summary does not show employee names but departments only (as in Figure A.4 ).

Hide employee 5.png

Figure A.4

Prepared by ChenOng 200713, Azirah 200713, P200727

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