Cloud Payroll - Time Attendance - How to create rule maintenance?

Question : How to create rule maintenance?

Answer :

1) Go to Human Resource > Attendance Management > Rule Maintenance

RuleMaint 01.png

2) Click Add New to create new rule.

RuleMaint 02.png

3) Key in Rule Code, Description, Shifts

RuleMaint 03.png

4) Key min & max OT hours (if any), Daily Default Shift (if any) and Clocking Methods, then Save.

Example: clock by Geolocation with no additional action

RuleMaint 04.png

5) Now your shift is created.

RuleMaint 05.png

Notes: After done these steps, you can proceed to set-up shift schedule.

Prepared by ChenOng 210817, Azirah 210819, P210826

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