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Question : How to set shift schedule?

Answer :

1) Go to Human Resource > Attendance Management > Shift Schedule

ShiftSchedule 01.png

2) Select Wizard

ShiftSchedule 02.png

3) Select Wizard’s Type and click Next

You can choose any of the wizard types that suit you most.

ShiftSchedule 03.png

4) Select employee, year, shift. Optional for skip rest day, holiday and existing shift schedule, then click apply to save

Example: clock by Geolocation with no additional action

ShiftSchedule 04.png

ShiftSchedule 05.png

5) Now shift is assigned for whole year. Your staff now can use mobile apps to clock in/out.

ShiftSchedule 06.png

Notes: After done these steps, you can proceed to set-up shift schedule.

Prepared by ChenOng 210817, Azirah 210819, P210826

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