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GL: How to adjust foreign bank account’s home balance

Question : My USD bank account already zero balance, but home balance in MYR still have balance. How to adjust it?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

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Answer :

Use journal entry to do the adjustment.

Go to G/L > Journal Entry to create new journal. In the journal entry,

1) Select Currency Code = MYR, Currency Rate = 1.0000

2) Currency Rate (for USD Bank A/C) = 0.0000, Currency Rate (for Gain on Foreign Exchange A/C) = 1.0000

3) If home balance is negative, you need to Debit the amount for USD bank a/c, If home balance is positive, you need to Credit the amount for USD bank a/c

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Inquiry the ledger report, USD bank account balance remain zero and the home balance in MYR is zero now.

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By : Aimi 180727, Lay Swan 180801, P180803

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