GST: Handling Imported Goods by Forwarder/Third party company

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Question: I have purchased goods from oversea's supplier. My Forwarder has helped to declare the goods and pay GST to Customs. How should I do the entry in AutoCount System?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


Please refer to the scenario below:

Purchase Invoice , K1 Form , Forwarder Invoice


Handling with IM-GDS and Other payment method

Go to GL > Account Maintenance, create a new GL account (a special account of Bank, Cash, Deposit), which is a payment method under Other Payments using the name of "GST Paid on Behalf" (Current Liabilities).


2) Enter Purchase Invoice for Overseas Supplier, use the special tax code IM-GDS to indicate that this is a case of imported goods.


3) Enter Cash Payment for Import Goods Documents




4) Enter Forwarder Company Invoice in AP Invoice Entry (or Purchase Invoice)


5) Make the AP payment to Forwarder Company.

By:Jessica 170814, KM 170821, P170823

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