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Allow you to receive the stock that transferred from other location to your outlet location.
E.g.: Outlet A transfer the stock to Outlet B by using Stock Transfer with Goods In Transit (GIT) option enabled. Then Outlet B can use this function in order to receive the Stock transferred from Outlet A.

1.Hit on More Function button.

2.Hit on Inquiry button.

3.Hit on Goods In Transit button. 4.Find Goods In Transit screen will show up. 5.You can do some filter option before search. 6.Hit on Search button. 7.Stock transfer document will then listed out. 8.Select the stock transfer document and hit on Detail button to see the details inside this document. 9.Select the stock transfer document that you want to receive the stock and then hit on Confirm Accept button. 10.Confirmation message will show up, hit on Yes to confirm receive the stock.

Note: The stock item quantity will be updated upon next synchronization done.

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