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==Other-Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis==
This module allows user to flexibly define Multi-Dimensional Sales/Purchase/GL Analysis Report. Report layout can then be exported to Excel, PDF and Rich Text format.
Go to ''<span style=color:red>Tools > Program Control > Module Setting</span>''
Check the checkbox of ''<span style=color:red>Multi-Dimensional Analysis</span>'' to enable it.
Go to ''<span style=color:red>Sales > Multi-Dimensional Sales Analysis</span>''
Click on ''<span style=color:red>Inquiry</span>''.
Drag and drop <span style=color:red>Sales Agent</span> field onto '''Row''', and <span style=color:red>Month</span> onto '''Column''',
The analysis layout will look like this,
(remember that value displayed is Local Sub-Total)
Click on ''<span style=color:red>Set Sorting and Top Value Count</span>'',
Select field <span style=color:red>Sales Agent</span>, sort on <span style=color:red>Sub-Total</span> (means to sort Sales Agent based on total sales), and set <span style=color:red>Top Value Count</span> to <span style=color:red>3</span> (means to display only top 3 sales agents based on total sales).
Click on <span style=color:red>OK</span>.
You may drag and drop more fields onto row/column for additional analysis,
For example, drag and drop <span style=color:red>Company Name</span> field onto '''Row''' next to <span style=color:red>Sales Agent</span>;
then drag and drop <span style=color:red>Item Type</span> field onto '''Column''' next to <span style=color:red>Month</span>, and drag and shift so that Item Type is placed before Month,
The layout will look like this:
By clicking on ''<span style=color:red>Export</span>'' menu, you may send/export the layout to other format such as Excel, PDF, Rtf ...
By clicking on ''<span style=color:red>Layout</span>'' menu, you may Save/Load the layout or Load the default layout:
Similar analysis is also available at:
'''''<span style=color:red>Purchase > Multi-Dimensional Purchase Analysis</span>''''' and '''''<span style=color:red>G/L > Multi-Dimensional Ledger Analysis</span>'''''.

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