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Non Module: Stock Status

Stock Status

Backorder Level: When Stock Qty < 0

Critical Level:When Stock Qty < Min Qty

Reorder Level:When Stock Qty >= Min Qty and < Reorder Qty

Low Level: When Stock Qty >= Reorder Level and < Normal Level

Healthy Level:When Stock Qty >= Normal Qty and <= Max Qty

High Level:When Stock Qty > Max Qty

On Hand Qty = Balance Qty + Outstanding Consignment Qty

Available Qty = On Hand Qty - Reserved Qty

Forecast Qty = Available Qty + Outstanding PO Qty + Outstanding AO Qty (FG)

Reserved Qty = Outstanding SO Qty + Outstanding AO Qty (RAW) + Outstanding POS Qty

Outstanding Consignment Qty = Number of Consignment IN / OUT, Negative for Consignment Out, Positive for Consignment In

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