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Question: How do I determine if the SQL installed in my PC is Express (Free) version or Standard (Paid) version?


You can check it out in SQL Server Configuration Manager. You may follow the steps below:

1. Start SQL Server Configuration Manager.

2. Lookup for your SQL Server Services and find the instance A2006, refer image 1 (normally for AutoCount, we are using namespace A2006)

Sql version1.png

Image 1

3. Right click on the service and click Properties.

4. Look for Advanced Tab and find a column call “Stock Keeping Unit Name”, refer Image 2

Sql version2.png

Image 2

5. The column should have a value “Express Edition” or “Standard Edition”.

The alternative way is you can check by logging in to AutoCount, go to Help > About AutoCount Accounting.

Sql version3.png

Sql version 4.png

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