Payroll: How to lock a month after processing payroll

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Question: In payroll, how do I lock the payroll transaction that have been processed as I do not wish any other users to do changes for past payroll transaction?


In payroll, go to Tools > Lock Period.


In Period Locker, select the year and the month that you wish to lock the payroll transaction.

For example, August 2017.

Lock month1.png

Then Click on Apply.

Lock month2.png

when you open payroll transaction, Processed Month will show August have been locked from further editing.

Lock month3.png

When you try to open August 2017 payroll transactions, system will prompt you a message as below:

Lock month4.png

Note: You can only view the payroll transaction keyed in and cannot do any changes once the period have been locked.

By: HuiYan180109, KM180115,P180115

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