Payroll: Where to print Bonus Summary

Question : I have keyed in bonus using bonus processor, where to print Bonus Summary?

Answer :

1) Go to Payroll > Print Payroll Summary

Bonus summary1.png

Or, from the Report Tasks, click on Print Payroll Summary

Bonus summary2.png

2) Check the checkbox of the bonus under payroll type, select the year and bonus date, then click on Preview.

Bonus summary3.png

3) Select the report format and click on OK.

Bonus summary4.png

4) This will generate a bonus summary report showing bonus amount of the staff. Bonus you have keyed in using Bonus Processor will be shown in this report.

Bonus summary5.png

If bonus is generated in current month payroll transaction. The amount will be shown in the monthly payroll summary report, under the bonus column.

Bonus summary6.png

Bonus summary7.png

By : Lay Swan 190304, P190307

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