Pos: How to load company logo in Pos system

Question: Is that possible I change the AutoCount logo in POS system to my own company logo?



Yes. You may change it from Terminal Maintenance of AutoCount backend in HQ.

Step 1: Go to Point of Sale > Terminal Maintenance.


Step 2: Select the appropriate Terminal and click on Edit.

Load logo3.png

Step 3: Go to Logo tab, then click on Load.

Load logo4.png

Step 4: Navigate to the location that you store your company logo.

Note: If you cant find your image appear in the location, choose All files from the bottom right of the screen.

Load logo5.png

Step 5: Click on OK to save your setting.

Load logo6.png

Note: You will need to perform a POS Sync in order to sync the setting to outlet.

Now, login to your POS system again and the AutoCount logo will change to your own company logo.

Load logo7.png

By: CY 180207, KM 180207, P180207

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