Pos: Unable to print all items in a receipt

Question: Why my receipt printer is unable to print all the items if I have more than 20 items?

Possible Reason:

This is due to different printer model may has their own paper size setting.


1. First, double check report height, make sure the height is set to 9999.

Print all item1.png

2. Then go to Control Panel > Device and Printers, then right click at the printer.

Print all item2.png

3. Choose the paper size to Printer 80(72.1) x 3276 mm

Print all item3.png

4. Then go to Services (Local) > Print Spooler > Restart the services.

Print all item4.png

5. You will be able to print all items from your receipt printer.

Note: if you still can’t print all the items in a receipt after performing steps as above, please seek assistance from your software dealer.

By: Faridaa 180316, KM 180413, P180416

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