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{{Note|Some source code syntax in this document requires Development Tool that supports C# 6.0
{{AutoCountTreeList|bgheadercolor=#330099ff8000| Tutorials |Image=|
{{AutoCountTreeList|bgheadercolor==#008000| AutoCount Accounting API (API for Integrate, Plug-In) |Image==|
{{AutoCountTreeList|bgheadercolor=#008000| API for Integrate, Plug-In |Image=|
{{AutoCountTreeList|bgheadercolor=#0080000088cc| AOTG API for(RESTful Integrate, Plug-InAPI) |Image=|
{{AutoCountTreeList|bgheadercolor=#330099| General Knowledge |Image=|
{{AutoCountTreeList|bgheadercolor=#0088cc| AOTG API |Image=|
{{Warn|All materials and coding you may find at wiki AutoCount for programmer is for education and conceptual purposes.
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