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Tips icons.png AutoCount Accounting 2.1 API

Find out what's new in AutoCount Accounting 2.1 API

Tips icons.png AutoCount Accounting API Update - 13/4/2022
  1. Runtime error when use "MultiPricing" column in the object of documents, such as Invoice.
    The new column name is "MultiPrice".
  2. Credit Limit Control and Overdue Limit Control will not invoke credit control events, if the document does not violate the limit.
    Credit Control Event from this release can be used only when programmer wishes to override system rules if the document has hit limit control.
    View topic on how to override limit control.
  3. CEF components (version 99.2.14)
    Plug-in project that has implemented CEF components and for Singapore users,
    suggest to use CEF version 99.2.14 to prevent version conflict which this version is used in Seamless Filing and IRAS GST F5 Returns.
    Furthermore, plug-in builder does not have to include the CEF components in the plug-in package,
    as this API can check for the CEF component and download the component if it is not installed.
   //Requires AutoCount Accounting or higher to implement "LoadCefComponent()"
   if (!AutoCount.Components.Components.LoadCefComponent())
       //Exit or throw exception if load/download CEF component failed.
       return false;
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AutoCount Accounting API (.Net Framework)
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  1. Master Data

  2. Transactions & Documents

  3. Bonus Point (Member Point)

  4. Reporting - Member List and Point Balance - [1.8, 1.9] [2.0]
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