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Upgrade from AutoCount Accounting 1.8 to 1.9 requires a special license key.

However, if create a new account book in AutoCount Accounting 1.9.6, you will be able to use the account book for development & testing.


AutoCount Accounting 1.9 is compatible with AutoCount Accounting 1.8.

Some coding may requires minor update, due to earlier version of 1.8 has differences in methods.
Such as SubProjectStartup parameter has been updated since version 1.8.30

  Some source code syntax in this document requires Development Tool that supports C# 6.0
API Integrate, Plug-In
  1. Master Data

  2. Transactions & Documents

  3. Bonus Point (Member Point)

  4. Reporting - Member List and Point Balance - [1.8, 1.9] [2.0]
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