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Technical Specifications

  1. Adjustment Point is to increase or decrease the balance point.

Columns Specification

Master Table

Master Table Columns
Column Name Data Type Size Mandatory Remark
DocNo string 20 Yes If apply system running number,
do not assign or assigned with "<<New>>"
DocDate DateTime Yes Date only, without time
Eg. DateTime.Today.Date
Description string 100 No
RefDocNo string 20 No
Remark1 string 40 No
Remark2 string 40 No
Remark3 string 40 No
Remark4 string 40 No
Note string Max No

Detail Table Columns

Columns Table
Column Name Data Type Size Mandatory Remark
MemberNo string 20 Yes Value must be maintained at Bonus Point > Member Maintenance
Point decimal 19,2 No

API Usage


public void NewBonusPointAdjustment(BCE.Data.DBSetting dbSetting)
    BCE.AutoCount.Invoicing.Sales.BonusPointAdjustment.BonusPointAdjustmentCommand cmd =
    BCE.AutoCount.Invoicing.Sales.BonusPointAdjustment.BonusPointAdjustment doc = cmd.AddNew();
    BCE.AutoCount.Invoicing.Sales.BonusPointAdjustment.BonusPointAdjustmentDetail dtl;

    //doc.DocNo = "<<New>>";
    doc.DocDate = DateTime.Today.Date;
    doc.Description = "Test Member Point Adjustment";
    doc.RefDocNo = "I-000001";

    //Increase point
    dtl = doc.AddDetail();
    dtl.MemberNo = "M-0001";
    dtl.Row["Point"] = 10;

    //Decrease point
    dtl = doc.AddDetail();
    dtl.MemberNo = "M-0002";
    dtl.Row["Point"] = -2;

        //Log Success
        BCE.Application.AppMessage.ShowMessage($"Success created '{doc.DocNo}'.");
    catch (BCE.Application.AppException ex)
        //Log failure
        BCE.Application.AppMessage.ShowMessage($"Fail to create new Member Point Adjustment.\n{ex.Message}");

See Also

Maintenance (Master Data)



  • Member List and Point Balance - [1.8, 1.9] [2.0]

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