Programmer:Cancel Purchase Order v2

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Partial Transfer

public void NewCancelPO(AutoCount.Authentication.UserSession userSession)
    AutoCount.Invoicing.Purchase.CancelPO.CancelPOCommand cmd =
        AutoCount.Invoicing.Purchase.CancelPO.CancelPOCommand.Create(userSession, userSession.DBSetting);
    AutoCount.Invoicing.Purchase.CancelPO.CancelPO doc = cmd.AddNew();

    //Transfer one line of item from PO, if more than one line, write a loop
    string poDocNo = "PO-00001";
    string itemCode = "ItemA";
    string uom = "UNIT";
    decimal qtyToTransfer = 1;
    decimal focQtyToTrasnfer = 0;

    //Using Partial Transfer
        poDocNo, itemCode, uom, qtyToTransfer, focQtyToTrasnfer);

        //log save successful
    catch (AutoCount.AppException ex)
        //log exception

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