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Standard Cost

Get Standard Cost with ItemRecord

public decimal GetItemStandardCostWithItemRecord(BCE.Data.DBSetting dbSetting, string itemCode, string uom)
    BCE.AutoCount.Data.ItemRecord itemRec = BCE.AutoCount.Data.CommonRecordUtils.GetItem(dbSetting, itemCode, uom);
    return itemRec == null ? 0 : itemRec.Cost;

Get Standard Cost with StockHelper

public decimal GetItemStandardCostWithStockHelper(BCE.Data.DBSetting dbSetting, string itemCode, string uom)
    BCE.AutoCount.Stock.StockHelper stkHelper = BCE.AutoCount.Stock.StockHelper.Create(dbSetting);
    return stkHelper.GetFixedCost(itemCode, uom);

Most Recent Cost

public decimal GetRecentStockCost(BCE.Data.DBSetting dbSetting, string itemCode, string uom, string loc)
    BCE.AutoCount.Stock.UTDCostHelper costHelper =
        BCE.AutoCount.Stock.UTDCostHelper.Create(dbSetting, itemCode, uom, loc, null, DateTime.Today.Date);
    return costHelper.GetMostRecentlyCost().Cost;

Up-to-date Cost

public decimal GetUpToDateUnitCost(BCE.Data.DBSetting dbSetting, string itemCode, string uom, decimal qty, DateTime date)
    BCE.AutoCount.Stock.StockHelper stkHelper = BCE.AutoCount.Stock.StockHelper.Create(dbSetting);
    return stkHelper.GetUpToDateUnitCost(itemCode, uom, qty, date);

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