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Question : When I want to issue Purchase Order with Item Code : BB, this item is not showed in “item lookup edit”. As I checked this item is still Active, but I am not able to find in Request Quotation and Purchase Order, while other documents (such as Purchase Invoice) have no such issue. Why?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Purchase discontinued1.png

Purchase discontinued2.png

Purchase discontinued3.png

Possible Reason :

This item is set as Discontinued.

Discontinued : Item that is ‘Discontinued’ means no longer available from supplier, but you may still have stock to sell. There will be no more new purchases of this item (this item will not appear for selection in PO and Request Quotation); however, it is still allowed for Purchase Return, Purchase Invoice, Goods Receive Note and Cash Purchase (to complete orders that were issued earlier). Selling of this item is allowable.

Solution :

If this item is still available from supplier, or you insist to include it in Purchase Order, then uncheck the Discontinued in Stock Item Maintenance. And you will able to place order for this item in Purchase Order.

Purchase discontinued4.png

Purchase discontinued5.png

By: Lay Swan 190307, P190308

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