Purchase: PO Transfer to PI with multi batch number

Question : I have created a Purchase Order with 100 quantity of batch item. Then I received an Invoice from my supplier on this item but split into two different batch numbers. Is it possible for me to transfer item from Purchase Order showing 2 batches as per supplier’s invoice?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Answer :

Yes, you may transfer from Purchase Order by performing 2 times transfer.

1) First of all, when transferring Purchase Order to Purchase Invoice, choose Partial Item Transfer instead of Full Document Transfer. Select the item and key in the quantity (for the first batch) and click OK.

Multi batch1.png

2) Having transferred the first batch into Purchase Invoice, remember to select the correct batch number for the first batch.

Multi batch2.png

3) Go to Transfer from Purchase Order again and perform Partial Item Transfer for the 2nd batch quantity.

Multi batch3.png

4) Again, select the correct batch number for the 2nd batch and click on Save.

Multi batch4.png

By : Jae Sen 190219, Lay Swan 190221, P190221

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