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Question: How to disable summary footer in Invoice for certain users?

Disable footer1.png

Scenario 1:

If you wish to hide all the summary footer of sales and purchase documents, go to Tools > System Option Policy.

At System Option Policy, set 'Use setting in Options' for Show Summary Footer.

Disable footer2.png

Then go to Tools > Options > Invoicing > Document Control 2 > Show Summary Footer

Uncheck the checkbox of Show Summary Footer.

Disable footer3.png

Then click on OK.

The invoice screen will not show footer summary.

Disable footer4.png

Note: By changing setting in Options will affect all the sales and purchase document screen such as Purchase invoice, Cash Sales etc.

Scenario 2:

If you only wish to disable summary footer at invoice screen for certain users, go to Tools > System Option Policy.

At System Option Policy, set 'Use setting in User Access Rights' for Show Summary Footer.

Disable footer5.png

Then click on OK.

Then go to General Maintenance > User maintenance

Disable footer6.png

Click on User Access right.

Disable footer7.png

Click on AutoCount Accounting > Invoicing > Invoice > Show Summary Footer

Disable footer8.png

At Show Summary Footer, assign user id that are allowed to view summary footer in invoice.

Do the same for another document.

Disable footer9.png

By: Hui Yan 171207, KM 171212, P171229

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