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<span style="font-size:130%;"><span style='color:red'">'''***IMPORTANT :'''</span>
'''This update version is strictly for Version 1.9 user to update SST. For Version 1.8 user kindly refer to'''</span>
{{Warn|For '''Version 1.8''' user kindly refer to [[Media:SST General Announcement.pdf|General Announcement]]<br/><br/>}}
AutoCount Accounting 1.9 32-bit -<br/><br/>
AutoCount Accounting 1.9 64-bit -<br/><br/>
AutoCount Express 1.9 32-bit -<br/><br/>
AutoCount Express 1.9 64-bit -
[ AutoCount Accounting 1.9 32-bit]<br/><br/>
[ AutoCount Accounting 1.9 64-bit]<br/><br/>
[ AutoCount Express 1.9 32-bit]<br/><br/>
[ AutoCount Express 1.9 64-bit]