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<u>'''This document does not allow to save, because it contains accrual and payment basis tax code</u><br/>
''When you see the message prompted similar to the title'',<br/>
this is to accommodate the new SST calculation of Sale Tax and Service Tax,<br/>which '''Sale Tax''' is on "Accrual Basis", while '''Service Tax''' is on "Payment Basis".<br/>
*'''Accrual Basis''' is defined as, to'''Sales record when earnedTax''' is recordedpayable when consumedthe invoice is created.<br/>
*Whereas, '''Payment Basis''' is recorded after payment is received from customers for '''Service Tax'''.<br/>However, if the payment is not received after 12 months,<br/>it becomes payable regardless of whether the payment is received.
The difference between the two methods is the timing to recognize '''Payment Basis''' as Tax is deffered until<br/>payment is received, or after 12 months period.<br/><br/>
Therefore for AutoCount Accounting to recognize these two occurrence at the accounting,<br/>separating them to two documents can clearly differentiate them in the finance and tax report.
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