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*Whereas, '''Payment Basis''' is after payment is received from customers for '''Service Tax'''.<br/>However, if the payment is not received after 12 months,<br/>it becomes payable regardless of whether the payment is received.
The difference between the two methods is the timing to recognize '''Payment Basis''' as Tax is deffered until<br/>payment is received, or 12 months period.<br/><br/>
Therefore for AutoCount Accounting to recognize these two occurrence whether it is payable tax,<br/>separating them to two documents can clearly differentiate them in the finance and tax report.<br/>
<br/>Posted on 6 Sep 2018
{{Warn|All materials and coding you may find at wiki AutoCount for programmer is for education and conceptual purposes.
Programmer may use them as study reference, but be cautious when apply sample and training coding in actual project.<br/>
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