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<span style=color:red>'''To Create New Sales Order'''</span>
Go to <span style=color:red>''Sales > Sales Order''</span>
Click on <span style=color:red>''Create A New Sales Order''</span>
You may key in the details of this new document or copy/transfer from other document.
[[File:CFB15.png]] to prompt the item search screen (F9). Type a keyword, select search criteria, click on <span style=color:red>''Search''</span>. From the search result, check the check-boxes to select items to be included into the document, then click on <span style=color:red>''OK''</span>.
'''Can Transfer By Value:''' this is to be used when this SO is to be transferred by value to Invoice (in which invoice is to be issued before DO); the steps are:
(1) in SO, check the checkbox of <span style=color:red>''Allow to Transfer By Value''</span> , Save the SO..
(2) create new Invoice, click on <span style=color:red>''Transfer Document > Transfer By Value From Sales Order''</span> , do the transfer, Save the Invoice.. (no stock will be deducted)
'''Edit MRU Items:''' to edit/delete historical descriptions (which was keyed in previously). MRU = Most Recently Used
Click on <span style=color:red>''Save & Preview''</span>,
<span style=color:red>'''Print Sales Order Listing'''</span>
<span style=color:red>Print Sales Order Listing</span>
Click on the shortcut label of <span style=color:red>Sales Order</span> or go to <span style=color:red>Sales > Sales Oder</span>, click on '''Others''' menu...
'''Manage Template:''' Refer Template
'''Manage Recurrence:''' Refer Recurrence
'''Load Data Option:''' to specify the number of recent days when loading data instead of to load all data, so that the loading speed can be further improved. See also Load Data Option.