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Create a new standalone account book for FnB POS.<br/>
<b>Attach Existing Database:</b>
Attach existing account book that created previously.<br/><br/>
4.For Standalone Database, key in the <span style=color:red><i>Basic Information</i></span>, setup <span style=color:red><i>Database Server Location</i></span>, and select <span style=color:red><i>Pre-defined Country Banknote and Coin Series (For Close Counter Use)</i></span>. Then click on <span style=color:red><i>Next</i></span> to continue.<br/> [[File:Item Description 2 Plug-In - Image 2.png]]<br/>
4.A new window will prompt with some basic information of this plugin. Click the “Install” button again located at the bottom.<br/> [[File:Item Description 2 Plug-In - Image 2.png]]<br/>
5.A confirmation message will prompt after clicking the “Install” button. Click “Yes” in order to confirm the installation.<br/><br/>
6.Due to Item Description 2 plug-in require to add in additional tables or fields to the database, it will prompt to let user know and again ask for confirmation to continue the installation. <br/><br/> [[File:Item Description 2 Plug-In - Image 3.png]] <br/><br/>