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Stock: Can I import stock item opening balance?

Question : Can I import stock item opening balance?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Answer :


1) Log in AutoCount Accounting Management Studio, go Import > Import Stock Item Opening

Import item op1.png

2) Import item opening screen will be prompted, and you need to copy the data cells from excel template and paste it here.

Import item op2.png

The following is an Excel template of import stock item opening balance. You need to copy the data cells including headers.

Import item op3.jpg

Copy the data from template, then go back to AC Accounting Management Studio > Import Stock Item Opening, and click on Paste from Clipboard.

3) The ‘Status’ column will show New / Update / Error. If some information is missing or wrong, the status will appear as ‘Error’.

Import item op4.png

4) Click on Import.

Import item op5.png

And import successfully completed.

Import item op6.png

5) You may log in AutoCount, go to Stock > More Stock Maintenance > Item opening balance maintenance to check. Filter the item and click on Apply Filter.

The item opening balance will be showed.

Import item op7.png

By : Azirah 180727, Lay Swan 180801, P180803

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