Stock Assembly & Disassembly

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Stock Assembly Order

Just like the function of Sales Order or Purchase Order, Stock Assembly Order will not affect stock movement, it can be transferred to Stock Assembly and there will be an outstanding report on Stock Assembly Orders that have not been transferred.

Go to Stock > Stock Assembly Order

Click on Create a New Stock Assembly Order,


Description: description of this document

Ref. Doc. No: key in reference document number (if any)

Stock Assembly Order No: auto running document number, next possible number is shown on the top of window. You may click on <<New>> to key in any document number.

Date: document date

Expected Completion: key in expected date (or days) of completion. (For reference only)

Functional Buttons:


CFB1.png to be save in K.I.V folder to be use later.

CFB2.png to be save as template. (Refer Template)

CFB3.png to be save as recurrence. (Refer recurrence)

CFB4.png to add / insert a detail row. (Insert)

CFB5.png to insert a detail row before the highlighted row. (Ctrl + Insert)

CFB6.png to delete highlighted row. (Ctrl + Delete)

CFB7.pngCFB8.png to move the detail row up/down. (Alt + Shift + Up/Down)

CFB9.png to undo (Ctrl + Z)

CFB10.png to select all detail rows (Ctrl + Alt + A), so that it can be deleted or modified in one shot (using Range Set)

CFB11.png range set (F12)... a range setting windows will be prompted. This is usually used to apply changes to several/all selected detail rows.

CFB15.png to prompt the item search screen (F9). Type a keyword, select search criteria, click on Search. From the search result, check the check-boxes to select items to be included into the document, then click on OK</span

SAD3.png to apply BOM Optional that was maintained earlier, e.g. to substitute one or more of the material items.

SAD4.png this is to be used together with BOM Optional when Multi Level Assembly module is enabled.

CFB16.png click on this button will display (at bottom section) instant information related to the highlighted item, such as Price History, Stock Balance ...

SAD5.png to copy a stock assembly order which previously already save.

SAD6.png to copy existing stock assembly order to a new stock assembly order.

SAD7.png to transfer sales order to invoice.

CFB17.png to check the invoice which have already been transferred.

BOM Optional

This is to maintain optional/alternative material items for BOM finished goods. It will be used in Stock Assembly and Stock Assembly Order.

Go to Stock > BOM Optional

Click on New,


BOM Optional Code: key in an optional code

Description: key in description of this BOM optional

Details tab: click on '+' button to assign sub-items... For example: to replace one unit of BOM C (key in negative quantity value -1) with 2 units of BOM D (key in positive quantity value 2).

Apply to BOM Item tab: click on '+' sign to assign which is (are) the BOM finishes goods that this BOM Optional can apply to.

Click on Apply to BOM Item...


Click on '+' sign to assign BOM finishes goods that this BOM Optional can apply to.

Click on Save..

Apply BOM Optional

In Order to make 5 quantity of BOM finished goods, you need 10 quantity BOM C and 15 quantity BOM D. Click to Apply BOM Optional.



Check the checkbox to select, fill in quantity, and click on OK...


The item BOM C have been replaced with item BOM D which you have maintain earlier. Alternatively, you may click on '-' and/or '+' signs to remove/add a material item or just edit item code, Qty, item cost, overhead cost and/or assembly cost.

Edit tab:


Copy Whole Document: To copy the whole document to clipboard.

Copy Selected Details: To copy some item details to clipboard. (press ctrl+ highlight the item to copy)

Copy as spreadsheet: To copy the item details and paste into spreadsheet.

Paste Whole Document: To paste the whole document from the clipboard.

Paste Item Detail Only: To paste some item details from clipboard.

Undo Master: To undo (reverse one step) the header section.

Convert To Multi Level: To show in single level or multi level BOM.

Edit MRU Items: to edit /delete historical descriptions (which was keyed in previously). MRU = Most Recently Used

Convert to Multi Level

Let say I created another item BOM A with sub item code SUB A and SUB B.



When I click Converter To Multi Level, the following message will prompt:


Click Yes to proceed.