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Response Successful HTTP Request

200 OK

4 possible response body of the process status.

InQueue status
  • InQueue status Indicates that the requests to AOTG Server is waiting to be processed.
  • Usually this happen when many requests are called to AOTG Web API in within a second.
    Make sure the request in the loop has pause time,
    or use 'batch' method to process multiple records in single request if applicable.
"RequestId": {{{1}}},
"Status": "InQueue"
Processing status
  • Processing status indicates that the request is not complete.
"RequestId": {{{1}}},
"Status": "Processing"
Completed status
  • Completed status Indicates that the request has been performed and succeeded.
"RequestId": {{{1}}},
"Status": "Completed"
Failed status
  • Failed status indicates that the request has been performed but has error.
"RequestId": {{{1}}},
"Status": "Failed"