Troubleshooting:Login error - You access right setting does not allow you login to this ‘Old Version’ account book

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Question: When I try to login account book, system prompts out an error message “You access right setting does not allow you login to this ‘Old Version’ account book”. But when I use another User ID, I can log in. Why?

Login old1.png

Possible Reason:

This is because of your account book has been marked as ‘Old Version’ and the user ID you use to login is not granted for access rights to login into this account book.


There are two options to solve the issue:

1. Remove the account book as ‘Old version’

Go to Tools > Options

Login old2.png

Click on General >Miscellaneous; Uncheck the checkbox “This is an ‘Old Version’ account book”

Login old3.png

2. Set the access rights to log in ‘Old version’ account book

Go to General Maintenance > User Maintenance;

Unable preview3.png

Click on Access Rights.

Unable preview4.png

Go to AutoCount Accounting > System > Behaviours; Add user into “Allow to login ‘Old Version’ Account Book

Login old6.png

You should be able to login into system using your ID.

By: Ella 180130, KM 180201, P180202

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