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Troubleshooting: AOTG error - An Error Has Occurred

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Question: why when I click on any report, there is a message prompted ‘An Error Has Occurred…Retry timeout exceed’?


Possible Reason:

This is mostly due to connection issue.


1. You need to check your server’s internet connection to see if you can access to internet.

1.1 Press on Windows button and type services.msc.. Click on OK。


1.2 Check if your AOTGClient Service is running. If it is not Started, click on Start to start it.


1.3 AOTGClient Service now is in running mode.


2. Next, check your speed test.

Go to C:\Program File\AOTG, double click on AOTGConsole.


2.1 Click on Diagnostic icon.


2.2 Click on start to test your PC network speed connecting to Azure.


2.3 The speed less than 1 second is considered as normal.


Note: If the speed is more than 1 second, we suggest to set your server DNS to Google DNS (IP Address

By: CK171128,KM171129, P171206

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