Troubleshooting: Batch number is not shown in Inventory Physical Worksheet by Consignment

Question: I have created a Supplier Consignment for item I004, batch number 1234, the quantity is 3. When I inquiry the inventory physical worksheet by consignment and select print All Batch in filter options, the batch number 1234 is not shown, while other batch number records are shown correctly. Why?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Inventory batch1.png

Inventory batch2.png

Possible Reason :

This batch number 1234 has balance quantity zero.

Inventory batch3.png

Solution :

To show zero balance items, you need to enable the option “Include Zero Balance”.

Inventory batch4.png

Now batch number 1234 is shown in the report.

Inventory batch5.png

By: Zhi Xuan 201116, Lay Swan 201126, P201130

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