Troubleshooting: Can't select different PV/OR numbering format during create new PV/OR

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Question: I have created few document numbering formats for PV, but I still unable to select PV numbering format when I create PV?

Possible Reason:

The system default setting is: "Receipt Voucher/Payment Voucher Number will follows First Payment Method". means numbering format will follow your setting at the related Payment Method Maintenance.

Rv pv follow 1st payment method.png


In order to select different numbering format for OR/PV, Go to Tools > Options > GL Posting > Uncheck "Receipt Voucher/Payment Voucher Number follows First Payment Method.

Rv pv follow 1st payment method1.png

After that, log out and log in system again, you will be able to select different numbering format for OR/PV.

By:Hui Yan 160830, KM 170630; P170801

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