Troubleshooting: Chinese character can’t be read when export to PDF file

Question : When I preview report the Chinese character can be read, but when export to PDF, it can’t be read. What should I do ?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Chinese pdf1.png

Chinese pdf2.png

Possible Reason :

Some Font can’t recognised Chinese character when export to PDF.

Solution (1) :

1) Go to report design, edit the font for Description from Tahoma to SimSun.

2) Go to File > Save As.. save to a new report name.

Chinese pdf3.png

3) Export again the report to PDF, and now the Chinese character can be read.

Chinese pdf4.png

Solution (2) :

If your computer has installed Microsoft Print to PDF or CutePDF Software, you don’t need to do report design. Just click on Print, then choose Microsoft Print to PDF or CutePDF and click on Print and select the path to save.

Chinese pdf5.png

Chinese pdf6.png

Chinese pdf7.png

By : Hui Yan 170718, Lay Swan 181102, P181105

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