Troubleshooting: Copy to new document the tax code didn’t auto convert for Version 1.9

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Question : When do copy to new Sales Order, why the tax code is SR-S? It supposed auto convert to SR-0 because my document date is 24/07/2018.

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Copy doc1.jpg

Copy doc2.jpg

Possible Reason :

This copy function is for copy all the details, it will not auto-convert the tax code.

Solution (1) :

Manually change the tax code to SR-0.

Copy doc3.jpg

Solution (2) :

1) Change the document date to before 01/06/2018 and press Enter

Copy doc4.jpg

2) Change again the date to today date and press Enter, system now will auto convert the tax code to SR-0.

Copy doc5.jpg

By : Faridaa 180720, Lay Swan 180724, P180731

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